As the Managing Partner, you’re turned to every day to make decisions about the strategic direction of your professional services firm. Some of these decisions are likely on topics that you might not be fully informed about. Without an extensive background in marketing, branding, social media, or other disciplines, how can you make the right choices to drive growth and profitability for your firm?

Here, we’ve collected many of the posts to help you do just that.

1) 5 Things Every Managing Partner Must Do To Drive Organic Growth

At Hinge, our research arm (the Hinge Research Institute) conducts ongoing studies to learn what sets high-growth professional services firms apart from their low-growth counterparts. Are these firms just getting lucky? We’ve found that the answer is no. They’re doing business differently. From our research and experiences, this post identifies the 5 key things that every Managing Partner needs to do to drive organic growth for their firms.

2) What Every Managing Partner Needs To Know About Marketing Professional Services

Managing partner visible expert thought leadership bookYou might’ve noticed that the marketing world has drastically changed in recent years, particularly with the advent of online marketing. Not only that, but marketing professional services is, in many ways, also fundamentally different than marketing other industries. It’s commonly misunderstood and therefore, not taken full advantage of. Here, we highlight five things that every Managing Partner needs to know about modern professional services marketing.

3) What Every Managing Partner Needs to Know About Social Media

There are individuals in every job function throughout a professional services firm that are still skeptical of social media. Many see its value for personal use or for B2C firms, but can it really be valuable for professional services firms? In particular, Managing Partners don’t often find social media at the top of their priority lists. But when executed thoughtfully, social networks can play an important role your strategy. Learn what you need to know about social media in this post.

4) What Every Managing Partner Needs To Know About Branding Professional Services

Much like marketing, many Managing Partners find branding to be an elusive term. What is a brand really? Is it just your firm’s name, logo, or tagline? In actuality, a brand is so much more and is arguably your firm’s most valuable asset. Boiled down, the strength of your brand is a combination of your reputation and visibility in the marketplace. This post provides a crash course on what you need to know about branding your professional services firm.

5) What You Should Expect From Your Marketing Department

There is often disconnect between professional services executives and their marketing staff. Where does this come from? Improper or unrealistic expectations might be set, the marketing role can be marginalized, or a number of other tensions can arise. However, a well-staffed and effective marketing team can drive growth and profitability for a firm. In this post, we distill what you could expect from your marketing department as well as what you need to provide to set them up for success. 

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