B2B Content Marketing is taking professional services marketing by storm—and there are some good reasons behind the upsurge in interest.


Our recent survey of Online Marketing For Professional Services  showed that firms that bring in more new business leads online:

  • Grow faster (up to 4X)
  • Are more profitable( over 2X)
  • Are investing more in online marketing (with an average increase of 63%)

Clearly, something must be working.
As we looked more carefully into what that “something” was it became clear that content marketing was a key component. That’s why we developed this new guide entitled Content Marketing Guide for Professional Services Firms
This easy to read, easy to skim guide is organized into three sections covering the basics of developing your firm’s content marketing approach, how to more easily create compelling content, some tips to make the process easier and common B2B content marketing pitfalls to avoid. Some of the guide’s topics include:

  • Defining content marketing (it is often misunderstood)
  • A practical model for how content marketing should be organized
  • How to make the case internally
  • Reasons why it may not be a good fit for your firm
  • How to think about and organize your content marketing library
  • How to make content generation easier
  • Writing better case stories
  • Top tips for better B2B content marketing
  • Common mistakes to avoid

The Guide is free and available for download now