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Hinge is very excited about the release of the 2017 research on marketing and growth strategies for the accounting and financial services industry, a special edition of our annual High Growth Study.

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Hello, this is Lee Frederiksen. Today I want to talk about the release of the 2017 Accounting and Financial Services Research the Marketing and Growth Insights. And what that is – is that’s a pull out of the overall large 201 7 study on growth and professional services. And we’ve looked specifically at the accounting and financial services industry.

Now this a very interesting kind of cut, because we have over 250 firms represented in here and they represent over $16 billion worth of economic activity and 187,000 employees. So this is a very robust sample of the industry.

Download the “2017 Accounting & Financial Services Research Summary”

Now we found some very interesting things when we dug down deep into this analysis to look for insights. One of the things we learned is that, while financial services and accounting are not fast growing industries as a whole there is an important segment within there that is growing very rapidly.

Its 27% of the sample and that’s a 20% increase in the number of high-growth firms over last year and we dig in deep and see what is it about these firms that is different? What’s different about their strategy, for example. We know for example, that 53% of them identify themselves as being highly specialized. And what are the techniques that they’re using? We’ve identified a number of marketing techniques that deliver solid results and are in proportion to the effort you put into it.

So, you’re going to want to take a look at this report because its going to help you make decisions about your strategy, about your marketing techniques and approach and about how you think about growing your accounting firm or your financial services practice.

We look forward to having you download. The link will be in the transcript at the bottom.