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You know the high-profile experts in your industry. But how did they attain their level of status and visibility?

In our research, we found that these Visible Expert℠  follow a similar path to success. And the good news? That process is replicable.

In this video, I detail a 7-step program that you can follow to either become or develop a Visible Expert within your firm. These steps include:

  1. Select the candidate.
  2. Assess the candidate’s status.
  3. Develop a strategy.
  4. Assemble the marketing tools.
  5. Develop the candidate’s personal skillset.
  6. Grow the expert’s brand.
  7. Track and adjust.

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How Hinge Can Help

Want to become an industry thought leader? It’s one of our specialities. Learn about our Visible Expert℠ Program or contact us to learn how we can help you demonstrate your expertise and build your visibility in the marketplace.