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In the second installment of Lee Frederiksen’s series on top marketing planning tips, hear about the final three techniques that your firm can use to optimize your marketing plan. Now, let’s go on to tip four.


I’d like to share some more marketing planning tips with you. In the prior one, we looked at three techniques, three tips that are helpful. Make sure that you review what’s happened in the past, what’s changed since the last time you did planning, do some research with your target client, and focus on doing fewer things but doing them better. Now, let’s go on to tip four, match your marketing channels to your audience. If you’ve done your research, if you’ve followed your audience, you’re gonna be able to ask them, where do they go when they’re trying to research a topic, when they’re looking for expertise and advice? That’s a clue to where you should be, so they can find you when they’re looking.

The fifth tip is to treat marketing as a team sport. You know, in the past, in professional services, we often thought of marketing as a solo activity, the lone rainmaker who had a tremendous kind of background and level of contacts, and a Rolodex full of people. That’s not the way it is anymore. Marketing is a more complex, integrated function that requires multiple people, and no one person has to do everything. So focus on your talent and get it together, and work as a team.

Finally, use proven marketing techniques. You’re gonna find that there’s a lot of research that Hinge has done and shared on which marketing techniques work better. You’re also gonna find and be able to match your audience with where they are. And using proven techniques that are aligned with where your audience is almost always produces a superior result.

If you wanna dig deeper into this topic, explore Hinge University further. Look at the range of courses and quick tips that are very helpful to getting you grounded in a marketing plan that’s gonna work for your firm.