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In the first of two videos where Lee Frederiksen provides his top marketing planning tips, we take a look at how using research can be a vital part of your future strategy. Check in next week for the final three tips from Lee!


I’d like to share some really super duper marketing tips for you. These are ones that may or may not be obvious, but they make a big difference in finding a successful marketing plan.

The first one is to start by reviewing what has changed. We’re in an environment where marketing is changing all the time. The competitive environment’s getting heavier. Buyers are changing how they look for service. So start with understanding, “What’s different than when I made this plan?”

The second tip is to lead with research. If there’s one thing you’re gonna do that increases the likelihood you’re gonna have a successful plan, it’s to research and understand your target audience. The better you do that, the better your plan.

Tip three is, actually do fewer things, fewer initiatives, but do them better. Take the same amount of resources and concentrate them on a few techniques that are most likely to work with that audience that you’ve researched, and you know that that’s a good match with those.

We’ve got more tips coming up in the next one. But in the meantime, go to Hinge University and check out the courses and some of the other quick tips that are gonna be very helpful in developing a plan that works for you.