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It’s essential that you know what’s important to your target audience and how to reach them. Lee Frederiksen provides 3 ways to conduct research to help you gain a decisive advantage over the competition.


How do you go about researching your target audience? It’s a question we get a lot, and I wanna draw on some of the things we teach in Hinge University on a particular Visible Expert course to give you three strategies for doing it.

3 Strategies for Researching your Target Audience

The first of those is drawing on what you already know. It’s important to be able to harvest the information you have about your target audience from your internal organization already. Now, if you are an individual and you’re the entire organization, write it down. But if you have a team, get them together and kind of document the insights that you already have, the hypothesis you already have about your target audience.

Visible-expert-courseThe second way, and this is one that’s often overlooked by people, is to go online and search about your target audience. What can you learn from them from what you can find in a Google search, in databases from associations, and a variety of secondary sources? And you’ll find that that begins to either validate some of the things that you thought about your audience internally or throw some of them into question.

The third way, and is perhaps the most effective way, is to actually do some research on your target audience. Ask them some questions about topics like how do they go about finding information, what are their key challenges they’re facing. And I think you’ll find when you put these three sources of information together, you’re gonna get a much finer grain understanding of your target audience.

If you wanna go deeper in this topic, check out the Visible Expert course in Hinge University. Go to our website and check Hinge University. We look forward to having you join us there. Thank you.