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In the final installment of this three-part series, watch as Lee Frederiksen describes the last four tips you need to know in order to get buy-in for your marketing ideas.









Welcome to Part 3 of 10 Tips to get Buy in for your Marketing Ideas. It’s a problem we all face. The first six of these tips are using data to educate your people. Finding a peer firm, one like yours is a good example of someone who’s doing a similar program. Getting an outside expert to help educate your team because it’ll mean more coming from them. Researching your firm’s brand, so you get some good data that people can react to. Experiment with one practice so people don’t feel like they’re risking everything with all the practices. And finally, help people understand that modern marketing is a team sport.

Now, let’s go to tip seven, which is train and involve internal talent. If your marketing is a team sport, think of your internal talent as resources that can be developed and used to do various parts of your marketing thing from social media to blogging.

Number eight is using outside resources in key roles. With marketing as diverse and complicated as it is these days, you can’t expect one person or even a small team to be able to do everything. So, don’t hesitate to use outside researchers would may build trust on your team.

Tip nine is changing the incentive structure. You know, this sounds like a big one and sometimes it can be a big hurdle. But sometimes the incentive structure in your firm kind of works against you, works against your marketing success. So, consider recommending that people think about redoing that structure.

And that brings us to tip number 10, which is to do fewer things, but do them better. Concentrate on doing less. Don’t do one of this and one of that. Concentrate on do something, but do it well, research it and get it right.

And speaking of researching and getting it right, if you wanna dig deeper, I’d suggest going to the Visible Firm Course in Hinge University. There you’re gonna learn step-by-step how to get more talent, how to dig deeper and really learn the skills you’re gonna need to be successful. Look at Hope to see you there.