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We’ve already covered using data, finding a peer example, and using an outside expert as ways to get buy-in for your marketing ideas. In the second installment in this series, Lee Frederiksen explains the next three ways you can get buy-in for your marketing ideas.









Hi. I wanna pick up on the second section of the tips to get buy-in for your marketing ideas. Now, of course, this is something we are concerned about. In the last section we talked about the first three, using data to educate your group, finding a peer example, another firm like yours to show how the marketing program works. And the third is getting an outside expert to educate the same way you might.

Number four is researching your firm’s brand. We find that digging in and finding out what is it your clients find appealing, how do they go about looking for a brand, is tremendously helpful in moving your team to accept marketing.

Number five is experimenting with one practice. Sometimes, people are concerned about getting the whole firm involved in a program. Pick a practice that you wanna focus on that everybody agrees, and do an experiment on that one with your program.

Which brings us to number six, describe your modern professional services as a team sport. I think what that does is helps people understand that it’s not just a job of one person, a marketing director or a marketing manager. It’s everybody’s job to contribute to the success of the firm. And people have a lot of things to contribute.

Now, if you wanna learn more about this topic, I suggest checking out the visible firm course in Hinge University. There you’ll learn more about how to attract better talent and increase your firm’s revenue and growth. Go to and check it out. Hope to see you there.