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If your sales team isn’t quite bringing in new business like you had planned, consider these five marketing tools — link building, social media, speaking and networking, and email marketing.


Have you walked that line that so many other professional services firms have or you’ve invested in a highly qualified, probably equally expensive sales team, but they’re just not bringing in the new business the way you had planned? Well, there are five things that need to go into it, a marketing toolkit that allow these types of teams to perform. And those are link building, social media, speaking and networking, and email marketing.

Link Building

HU_blogoffer-middle-VisibleFirmCourseLet’s talk about link building. What I mean by that is encouraging others to link to your content and drive traffic and boost your website authority. Great ways to do this are through guest post, serving as a guest author on a highly reputable, noncompetitive website, and having shareable content.

Social Media

Next is social media. The reason I’m bringing this up and the reason it’s an important part of the toolkit is because 60% of buyers check you out on social media. Now, there are five key benefits that firms receive from being active on social media, and they all increase your visibility and credibility and really amplify the way your sales team can perform.

Speaking & Networking

Next is speaking. I think it might be interesting for you to know that our research shows 30% of non-client referrals are made simply because the referrer has heard them speak. It’s a really powerful tool, and for that reason, executives, 91% in fact, use speaking as a primary tool in their toolkit. Also and related to that in-person benefit is 82% of firms have received referral from someone they’ve never even worked with. So, that’s how networking comes into play too. It’s a very effective way to just get in front of folks.

Email Marketing

And finally is email marketing, and I’m not talking about promotional types of emails. I’m talking about educational content or offers that offer something that is relevant to the problem your audience is trying to solve. So, when your sales team is armed with these pieces of the toolkit, that’s really when they can start to drive the new business that you’re planning for.

If you’re interested in checking out more, I encourage you to go to and check out our Visible Firm course that helps plan for sales teams and their success. Hope to see you there.

Elizabeth Harr