Purchasing or renting lists of email addresses from third party sources may seem like an effective way to quickly reach new prospective clients through your email marketing campaigns. However, as I describe in this video, there are several reasons using purchased lists could hurt your email marketing results instead of help them.

Watch the video to learn why using purchased or rented lists could:

  • Violate your terms of service agreement with your email service provider
  • Impede your ability to make a positive first impression
  • Damage your IP sender reputation, causing your emails to be blocked and not received by some recipients
  • Wreak havoc on your customer relationship management (CRM) system data causing long-term problems
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Instead of purchasing or renting lists, discover how to grow your email subscriber list organically by downloading the Email Marketing Guide for Professional Services Firms.

Do you agree or disagree that using purchased or rented lists for email marketing is a mistake? Let me know by posting a comment.

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