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This video discusses your personal brand, one of the key ways buyers find what they are looking for.


Hi, I’m Karl, and today we’re gonna talk about personal branding in the AEC market, and we’re gonna talk about some things that they don’t teach you in engineering or architecture school. We’re gonna talk about your personal brand, which also is your visibility and plays heavily into your reputation in the market. And it is competitive out there. It is a lower barrier to entry now to get seen, to really promote your personal brand, and it’s key because your audiences have limited bandwidth to deal with. They are looking for experts. Hinges research show that that’s one of the key ways that the buying audience and professional services finds what they are looking for, but they’ve got limited bandwidth to do that search so if you’re raising above the others that gives you a real leg-up on the competition.

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The first thing to start out with is really defining your targets. Who are you talking to? Who do you need to appeal to? What’s your position? And what sets you apart from your competitors? Understand also whether you are the employer, or the employee, or where you are on the team. It’s good for the expert’s career and it’s also good for the firm and has a real halo effect. It can help create demand, it can validate referrals. All of these are key to continuing good business and building new business pipeline.

Make sure that as you put in all this effort, because it does take some effort to get there, make sure that you’re finding ways to report and measure that engagement. So are your personal branding efforts really paying off? Are you getting warmer leads? Are people seeing you and understanding what events or things you might be doing in the field? Make sure that you’re holding yourself accountable to all those things.

I hope that helps and I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.

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Karl Feldman