With a global pandemic, a contentious U.S. election, and waves of social issues/changes dominating the media and peoples’ attention, it’s not a wonder that the buying cycle for technology and software firms was both unpredictable and unprecedented. Many firms benefitted greatly during this time–while other firms did not meet goals and expectations and are planning to rebound this year. Which firm is yours?

The Hinge Research Institute’s newly published 2021 High Growth Study: Technology and Software Edition looks at and helps both types of firms. It also examines firm size based on revenue and number of full-time employees. Technology and Software firms from around the world were sampled—so chances are, your firm is represented.

About the Study

The study showcases industry trends within the larger context of other professional service industries including: Accounting and Financial Services; Architecture, Engineering, and Construction; Consulting; GovCon; and Legal. It then dives deeper into comparing the Technology and Software “high growth” firms (those having a compound annual growth rate of 20% or greater over a three-year assessment period) with average and no growth peers. There was good representation across most firm sizes. The firm size of Technology and Software (T&S) firms that participated in the study are broken out by 2020 revenue as shown in Figure 1.

Sample Size Tech 2021

Figure 1: T&S Firm Size Based on 2020 Revenue

Kelly Waffle

Additional Resources

Join the High Growth technology and software firms who use research to guide their marketing and business development efforts by purchasing this full research study here.