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Here are some tips to help your firm stay visible in today’s competitive AEC marketplace.


Hi I’m Karl, and today we’re gonna chat about the competitive AEC marketplace. One thing that we can just acknowledge the time we live in right now is a time of political and regulatory uncertainty. So that is creating a lot of movement, a lot of competition, some places are slow, some places are really fast. We have some real infrastructure hotspots happening around the country and around the world, and with that, we’re also facing compressed geography. With the technology we use, teams can be anywhere and can make that transition more and more seamlessly. So the competition between small firms and large firms up, down, and sideways, is just increasing.

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Now from a marketing and branding perspective, that barrier to visibility is continuing to decrease. So it’s all the more important to make sure you understand your target audiences, that you’re speaking clearly to your positioning and understand your firm’s differentiators, and that you have a solid brand infrastructure. And by that, I mean the critical tools you’re gonna use to build that visibility and support your reputation out there. Things like your website, plans for speaking engagements. All of those pieces either online or in the field that are helping to support your brand.

And think about that brand from start to finish. From the first awareness all the way through consideration, selection process and even after folks are a client and turn into a great referral source, how are we supporting the brand and keeping things consistent across the board? And how do we at the end of the day keep all of our efforts accountable? That’s super important to keep all of your initiatives, accountable, measure adjusts frequently, share the successes and failures with your teams, so you know how to adjust and stay on target.

I hope that’s helpful, and I’ll talk to you again soon. Thanks.

Karl Feldman