Top Professional Services Marketing Content from September 2013

Each month an enormous amount of content is published on marketing. This monthly column will help you keep up with the best marketing articles on the web. Enjoy!

 Locations for Your Calls to Action

By Douglas Karr, Marketing Tech Blog

Designing call to action offers on your website is an important step for turning web visitors into leads.  Have you thought about where those offers belong? This post provides an overview of your options when it comes to locations for calls to action.

The 13 Best Industry Blogs

By Daniel Burstein, Marketing Sherpa

The Sherpa team asked their blog audience to rank the best marketing blogs out there. If you’re looking for new sources of knowledge, look to these winners and be sure to subscribe. Categories include social media, copywriting, optimization, PPC, design, ecommerce, email and more.

12 Scalable Link Building Tactics

By Jason Acidre, Moz

This one is for the on-the-ground marketers who are looking for fresh new ways to build website authority.  As Google becomes smarter and continues discounting low-quality links, we must generate new ideas for outreach.  This post includes several creative methods. 

Customer Motivations: The 7 Reasons We Buy Now

By Mark Di Somma

Love, fear, and rage are three basic emotions that cause us to buy. In today’s technology driven marketplace, what else is fueling our purchasing decisions? Check out this post and find out why the concept of ‘collective excitement’ caused by Internet trends may also be a significant factor.

Inside the Buyer’s Brain (NEW BOOK)

By the Hinge Team

Lee Frederiksen and team continue their search for what truly motivates buyers of professional services. Why do companies select one professional services firm over another? What do they really value in the firms they hire? And how do you build a firm that engages your audience? In this groundbreaking free new book from Hinge, you get answers to these questions and a peek at the research behind them.