If you need to brush up on what Google+ is and why it’s important, make sure to check out Google+ 101. Today, we continue learning about Google+ by understanding the steps your firm should take to get started.

1) Create your firm’s Google+ page

Go to https://plus.google.com/pages/create

Be aware that whoever creates your firm’s page will have the page attached to their Google account. This means that any updates to the Google+ page will need to be made by the person who created the page.

Other people can be assigned to the page as managers. Hinge advises you do have more than one person managing the page to prevent being unable to access it should the original creator leave your firm.

2) Build your brand presence on Google+

Fill out your page profile by editing the business contact information, adding images and video, including a link to your website, and a clear, detailed company description in the ‘About’ section.

Make sure that your Google+ page is complete and interesting before you start promoting it.

3) Claim your custom URL

Publish your custom URL to your email or marketing campaigns to help people remember how to get to your page.

Your custom URL can’t be changed. It will be pre-assigned based on things like your company name or the name of your linked website. You may also need to add a few letters or numbers to make it unique to you.

4) Add the Google+ badge to your website, blog, other social media channels, email and other online communications

This enables you to grow your page’s followers. Adding the badge to your website will also help Google consolidate +1's from your website and your Google+ page. Moreover, it’ll let visitors find your page and add it to their circles directly from Google search.

5) Link your YouTube channel to your page

Login to your YouTube account.

Go to advanced account settings and click ‘Connect with a Google+ page.’ You'll be presented with a few options, including linking to your Google+ page. Your YouTube channel will be renamed to match your Google+ page. If the Google+ page has any other managers, they will be able to manage the channel as well. 

Congratulations! Now that you’ve graduated from Google+ 201, your firm’s Google+ page is complete, you’ve claimed your firm’s custom URL and you are ready to start sharing content.

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