At this years’ Build Business SYNTHESIS Conference 2016 presented by the Society for Marketing Professional Services, marketers and business developers, entry-level to seasoned from AEC firms across the country gathered to discuss some of the emerging trends in marketing that are affecting winning of new business and how marketing continues to evolve from a tactical support function to a strategic differentiator. One of the emerging trends in marketing for AEC firms is marketing automation (MA). MA replaces high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated ones; bringing forth a world of pre-defined sequences, triggers, actions and behaviors that start in social, web or email. While components of marketing automation are being embraced by some firms, others turn away from this technology. For today’s AEC firms, understanding the role and value of marketing automation is just one example of the changing marketing landscape and what’s needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

In this SlideShare, an adaptation from the original presentation, you will learn why marketing automation is more than selecting a technology platform. How content is the ingredient that determines the success or failure of your marketing automation efforts and how marketing automation is one of the emerging trends in marketing that sits at the intersection of marketing, business development and technology.

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