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Find out why your AEC website portfolio is so important and consider these tips when designing your AEC website.

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Hi, I’m Karl Feldman with Hinge, and today we’re gonna talk about AEC websites, and why portfolios are so important, and what are some key considerations when you’re designing them for your website.

So, we all know that our work portfolios are important to validate our past work experience, but it is also a great place to educate prospects beyond your work experience, and help generate additional visibility for your firm.

Here are some key considerations when you’re designing your firm’s portfolio session. Start with easy navigation. Use pathways and filters so that users can find the project’s most important to them quickly. Make sure you’re applying keyword research and the latest SEO techniques to help drive your website’s overall visibility. Support prioritize imagery and video.

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Video is a growing trend and don’t use all the imagery, just choose the best. Validate at a project level. There’s no need to be overly restrictive. Not every project needs to be the same. Make sure that you are validating what is needed for that specific project.

Lastly, use your project pages to connect to teams and expert content because this is your chance to educate prospects beyond project experience. I hope you found these list helpful. Talk to you soon.

Karl Feldman