The Website Planning Guide

If you’ve ever been involved in a website launch, you know how crazy the process can become. From the first wire-frame design to the final moment of “going live,” there are seemingly infinite decisions to be made and micro tasks to complete.

And as websites continue to evolve, this process will only become more complex. Firms are transforming their sites from basic digital brochures into interactive, lead-generating marketing tools.

So how do you tackle your next web project without going nuts? That’s where this guide comes in. Planning for a website up front can save time, money, and a boatload of frustration, so don’t jump in and hire a designer just yet.

The 7 key steps in this guide are designed to prepare you for building a website that truly performs well. By taking into consideration factors like SEO, website structure, and analytics up front, you will find yourself ahead of the game when it comes time to approve designs and go to code. Follow our advice and you will not only end up with a great, lead-generating site … you just may maintain your sanity as well.


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