5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads through Partnership Marketing [Video]

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In this video blog, Liz Harr is going to be talking to you about a practice that is widely utilized by high-growth professional services firms, and that is partnership marketing.



In this video blog, I’m going to be talking to you about a practice that is widely utilized by high-growth professional services firms, and that is partnership marketing. What I mean by partnership marketing is aligning your marketing and your business development efforts with a non-competitive organization that serves the same audience you do.

And by aligning these efforts, you are tapping into that resource to bring in more qualified leads. So I’m going to talk to you about five ways that you can leverage partnership marketing. And the first way is to write a book together on a signature topic. Now, if you have a well-developed content strategy, this is something that you should consider.

Because if you have a well-developed content strategy, it means you’re known for specific things. And when you’re known for specific topics, writing a book together is a no-brainer. Second is to consider webinars. Co-produced webinars is not only easier on the budget and easier on people, but it’s more engaging for the audience to hear from a couple different perspectives.

Third is to consider conducting some kind of research together. And when you do this, just like with webinars, it’s much easier on the budget. But if you have the right partner, you’re able to tap into the perspectives of your target audience and then produce research that is very meaningful to them.

Fourth is to co-market each other’s blogs, because think of this as guest blogging where you each produce blogs for each other’s websites, but you also promote each other’s blogs through social media, and generate lots of visibility that way. Now, the first four strategies that I talked about are really around producing content.

The fifth one is to organize a specialized program. And what I’m really talking about here is a specialized way that your target audience can experience the services that you and your partner provide. Perhaps there’s some sort of online learning or training that gets combined with the consulting services that you provide.

But a specialized program with your partner can really help you compete in the marketplace and help you stand out above competitors who are doing the same thing that you are. Now, if you’d like to learn more about how you can leverage partnership marketing, I encourage you to check out the marketing training we’ve designed specifically for firms like you in Hinge University.

I hope to see you there.

Author: Elizabeth Harr Elizabeth is an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced executive with a background in strategic planning, branding and growth for professional services. Elizabeth co-founded and ran a successful tech firm, which gives her critical insights into our professional services clients’ challenge.

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