Ever wonder why we pay a lot of attention to website design. The answer can be found in a single statistic: 80.8% of professional services buyers check out your website—before they do anything else.

blogoffer-middle-leadgenwebsite-guideWith a numbers like that, your website should be your highest performing business development asset. Unfortunately, for most professional services firms, it is not. Over and over, we see the same flaws in B2B website designs.

  1. Muddled messaging and cliché imagery
  2. Un-responsive design
  3. Salesy content
  4. Outdated, weak or no search engine optimization (SEO)
  5. A lack of engagement

We offer up a SlideShare to help you avoid these visibility-busting B2B website design mistakes. Heed our advice and you’ll be developing a high-performing B2B website that brings in business and promotes your expertise to a broader audience.

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