When is it Time to Rebrand? [VIDEO]

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In this video blog, Karl Feldman answers the question: “When is it time to rebrand?” It’s a big undertaking for any professional services firm, and what we’ve learned is there are some good reasons to consider a rebrand.


When is it time to rebrand? It’s a big undertaking for any professional services firms, and what we’ve learned is there are some good reasons to consider a rebrand. One of those is a trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately, mergers and acquisitions.

So if your firm has been impacted by M&A or you’re involved in an M&A yourself, that may be a really good opportunity to reassess your brand and think about how you’re positioned in a marketplace. All of these M&As; are changing the competitive landscape very quickly, so it’s important to stay positioned in a strong and differentiated way. Now, whether your firm has picked up new service offerings through M&A or through organic growth, that’s another good trigger for rebranding.

If your service offering has evolved from where your past positioning has been, it may be time to rethink how you message those services and how you keep those relevant to the audiences you really care about. If your firm has undergone organizational changes or is under new leadership, sometimes that can shift strategy in ways that also indicate a good time to rebrand or reposition and reflect those new goals.

Lastly, think about the big milestones that you might hit. Is your firm turning 50, 100 even? That might be a good opportunity to rebrand. Also significant awards or work history might be other things to celebrate and might be an inflection point that you can really use to reposition strongly and reflect all of those other positive changes you’ve had at your firm.

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Author: Karl Feldman Karl Feldman oversees Hinge's service delivery. A former entrepreneur, marketer and engineer, Karl is uniquely qualified to lead our account teams, continuing to evolve and improve the value we deliver to our clients. He also advises leaders in the architecture, engineering and construction industries on growth and marketing issues. Karl has held leadership positions at national brands like HITT contracting. Karl blogs and speaks about professional services marketing and strategy at events nationwide.

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