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What is brand design and why does it matter to professional services firms? In this video blog, Karl Feldman is going to walk you through this important element of your business.


What is brand design and why does it matter to professional services firms? I feel a bit like I’m going to go on to a talk about, you know, what is art and why does it matter?

But we’re going to focus it a little bit more than that today. Brand design, for Hinge, and the way we think about it, is more than just visuals, you know? Often, when you think of design, you think of the visual identity, logos, and colors, and all of those things. But I’m going to encourage us to take a little different tact on that.

Think about brand design as designing the experience of your brand. So visual identity is just one element of that. Brand design encompasses everything from the client experience, to language, to even the way your firm’s folks engage with clients and prospects, and even potential recruits.

So brand design is really thinking about your brand, and what it means, and how that experience is from a lot of different angles. And why should we care about that? Because it is what your brand is to your most important audiences when you’re not there.

All of the things that you work on and the methodical approach to brand design help to create an experience that’s consistent with your beliefs and values as a firm, and where that connects to clients’ and audiences’ issues, and how you help solve those issues.

So it’s very important. The difference with brand design from, you know, just the individual elements is that it’s part of a considered process to get there. So with that said, the best place to get started with brand design is to select the key stakeholders within your firm that really understand how your brand can engage with its most important audiences.

Think of the strategic leaders, the folks that really get behind how your brand evolved and will continue to evolve into the future. From there, it’s time to get outside. So often, research is a way to get objective insights on what your audiences really care about and what are the most important listening posts along their experience with your brand that you should really be paying attention to.

So that is just the beginning of the brand design journey. But if you’d like to learn more, I’d encourage you to check out We’ve got lots of practical information on there that you’ll find helpful along your journey.

Karl Feldman