When writing emails to send to a list, the most often asked question is “what is our email offer”? That is what we want our leads to do when they get this email. There are many different types of emails that companies send. They could send a new piece of content, a piece of news about the firm, or offer their leads a new product or service. With all of these different email choices this decision gets more and more difficult to make.

Today Hinge is here to help. There is our list of the five email types your firm should be sending. To get more people to sign up for your emails, here is our free guide to generating leads online!

  1. Announce New Content

    If your firm is following a content marketing strategy, you should be writing new guides, kits and whitepapers pretty frequently. Email these out to your list. Sending out educational content is a great way to ensure people will continue to open emails from you. Why wouldn’t they? Every time they do, they get to learn something new. Are you wondering what the benefit to you is? You are the one teaching them about the new trends. That means, when the time comes to buy a service , you will be at the top of their mind.

  2. Promote Webinars

    Much like new content, webinars are a great way to keep the list engaged. Send webinar invitations to your email list for all of your webinars. Chances are, a good percentage of them will attend and you will be able to talk to your audience about the issues affecting them. If you are the one educating them about how to overcome the issues facing their business, they will trust you and let you guide them through the issues as well.

  3. Hard Offers

    Send your list an offer to get a conversation started. Most often hard offers come in the form of free consultations. These allow you to get in front of your prospects and discuss ways you can help their business openly. Offer to spend 30 minutes to an hour with everyone that signs up and be as helpful as possible. You will be amazed at how many people will take you up on it and be willing to pay for the next one!

  4. Social Media

    Aggregate a list of the top content from around the web related to your services. This is a quick and easy way to keep your leads informed and promote your firm as a thought leader. Be sure to let the people whose content you are using know as well and ask them to return the favor. Lastly include a link to your social media profiles. Remind your leads that if they follow you on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, they can get a constant supply of articles that are useful to them.

  5. Blog Subscription

    Share a few of your best blog posts. You can take the ones that you like the most or those that get the most traffic on social media. Package the links together in an email and share your top blog content with your list. Include a link to subscribe to your blog at the bottom and remind people that more great content can be delivered to their email. All they have to do is subscribe to your blog.


This list of email offers are a few of the strategies we employ to stay top of mind with our leads. By sending emails out once or twice a week and holding a consistent dialogue with your leads, you remind them of your brand and keep them educated on the new trends in the industry.

Try to keep your emails educational in nature so that leads will continue to open them. No one likes to feel like they are being marketed to. Keep the content light spirited and make sure you are offering value to those that open the email! They will return the favor by remaining engaged and staying on your list! Don’t forget to download our Free Online Lead Generation Guide to help you grow the list.