The world is falling in love with spoken audio (all over again) — whether it’s listening to the radio, audiobooks or podcasts. In fact, over half of the US population has listened to a podcast (up from 44% a year ago), and one-third listen to one at least monthly (up from 26%). That’s a lot of growth, and the experts expect these trends to continue.

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy podcasts — and like to pack a little learning into your spare time — I and my colleagues at Hinge have put together a list of our favorite professional services marketing podcasts. And if you’ve never tried the podcast format before, here are some great listens to get you started.

So without further ado, here are 12 of our favorites (in no particular order):


1 . Marketing Companion

(Hosts: Mark Schaefer & Brooke Sellas)

A fun, opinionated exploration of every aspect of marketing. While not specifically targeted at professional services, this podcast goes down easy and always gives you something to think about. 




2. B2B Growth

(Hosts: James Carbary & Logan Lyles)

A nuts and bolts exploration of marketing and running a successful B2B business. The hosts interview a wide range of B2B-focused executives, as well as luminaries in the space. James and Logan also share their own business challenges running a professional services firm.



3. Building a Storybrand

(Host: Donald Miller)

From the author of the best-selling book of the same name, this podcast covers not only corporate storytelling and messaging, but many other critical marketing topics. Look for Miller’s interviews with top business thought leaders like Daniel Pink and Jay Baer.




4. The Engineering Career Coach

(Host: Anthony Fasano)

Looking for a podcast specifically for engineers? This one from the Engineering Management Institute might just fit the bill. With a heavy tilt toward professional development, this series is ideal for any engineer looking to build their personal brand and advance their career.



5. Marketing Out Loud

(Host: Ahmad Munawar)

You might recognize Ahmad from his prolific use of video on LinkedIn (and his trademark Apple AirPods).  It is with that same energy that he likens each bite-sized episode of his podcast to taking a marketing vitamin. Aimed squarely at the professional services, this podcast addresses the marketing challenges that firms face each and every day — in a format that is easy to consume and great for your business’ health.



6. Marketing School

(Hosts: Neil Patel & Eric Siu)

Daily marketing tips and strategies packaged for the busy professional. Neil and Eric tackle practical topics like how to price your services or the value of joint webinars and deliver thoughtful answers in a short amount of time (seriously, each episode is just a few minutes long). 



7. The Visible Expert

(Hosts: John Tyreman, Kelly Waffle)

Okay, you got me. This is the podcast that my colleagues Kelly Waffle and John Tyreman launched earlier this year. My own bias aside, I include it because it’s the only podcast I know of that tells the stories of professional services experts and how they rose to prominence. Kelly and John interview leaders from a wide range of professional services industries and extract the secrets of their success. These personal stories will make you laugh, think and learn something new every listen.



8. 2Bobs

(Hosts: David Baker & Blair Enns)

The hosts of 2Bobs are both management consultants to professional services executives. In their professional lives, David and Blair are competitors and collaborators, so their personal interactions can be a lot of fun. Using a conversational format, each episode covers a salient — and often controversial — topic, like why account people should close new business or open-book management. Their positions are always thoughtful and well argued.



9. Online Marketing Made Easy

(Host: Amy Porterfield)

In her day job, Amy helps entrepreneurs build and grow their practices. So it should come as no surprise that her podcast delivers tons of practical tips, advice and techniques professionals can put to work in their businesses. Best of all, she does it with inspiring enthusiasm.



10. PNR: This Old Marketing

(Hosts: Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose)

Joe Pulizzi is known as the godfather of content marketing, and in this podcast, which he hosts with Robert Rose, he really delivers the cannoli. After a year-and-a-half hiatus, they are back with their same great chemistry and penetrating content marketing insights. They cover relevant news, strategies and case studies — in a light and entertaining style.



11. The Accounting Best Practices Podcast

(Host: Steve Bragg)

If you are an accountant, chances are you’ll find a lot to like in this podcast. It’s not flashy, but that’s its appeal — you’ll get plenty of practical advice on a wide range of topics that you can put to work right away. Now, this is not a marketing-only podcast — it touches on all aspects of running an accounting practice, including the nitty-gritty of delivering specific services.



12. The Official Saastr Podcast

(Host: Jason Lemkin)

This podcast features interviews with standout business leaders in the software-as-a-service industry. Join host Jason Lemkin as he talks strategy and lessons learned with the likes of Hubspot founder and CEO Brian Halligan and Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane. 



As you can see, there’s a podcast for just about anyone. We selected these for their balance of entertainment and educational value. Let us know if we are missing your favorite professional services or marketing podcasts. 

Joe Pope

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