By Dane Frederiksen, Guest Author

In a funny commercial for Best Buy, consumers are astonished at the speed at which their technology becomes obsolete. Do you remember when electronics stayed relevant even after you lost the receipt and threw out the packaging? Well, those days are over. Today, constant change is a consumer-society reality we all have to live with.

Moore’s law states that the number or transistors that the electronics industry is able to place on an integrated circuit doubles every 2 years. This means that every 2 years, devices get faster, smaller and smarter (cue Terminator music). Just look in your pocket. The first iPod was a giant brick compared to today’s tiny Nano — which probably holds more music, but also could get stuck in between your teeth!

So what does this mean for us business folks? Sure, your iPad 2 is well on its way to becoming a dinosaur. But there are also implications on your most important marketing tool: your company website.

You see, Moore’s law applies to the web, too. Change comes fast and furious to the online world, and your website can quickly become stale. In the sink-or-swim seas of the internet you need to stand out to get noticed. Think of web video as a flashing rescue light saying, “Hey, over here! Come to my website. I’ll help you. I’ll make your life easier. I have what you need.” It can draw relevant visitors through the search engines, improves conversion rates and is a great way to educate potential clients and prospective employees.

In fact, Video is the perfect medium for an ever-changing world. Because it typically involves real people talking in plain language about real-world issues, video is engaging — more engaging that any other aspect of the web.

But I’ll be sharing “Moore” on that soon.

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Dane is Principal of Digital Accomplice, which creates marketing video to help businesses grow.