LinkedIn best practices have continued to evolve since the launch of this online network. Professional services executives have now been using LinkedIn for nearly a decade and its popularity is on the rise. As of January 2013, LinkedIn had over 200 million members, compared to 32 million four years earlier. Each user has a different approach to this online networking platform. While some use it to connect with others (think online Rolodex), others take advantage of its powerful discussion and sharing features.

In late 2012, LinkedIn upgraded its service with new features and an improved user experience. In this second edition, we bring this guide up to date with the most important features for the busy executive.

This LinkedIn Guide for Professional Services Executives: 2nd Edition dives into the latest enhancements and what they mean for you while highlighting LinkedIn best practices that can work for you and your professional services firm.

This easy to read guide is organized into six sections and it covers such topics as:

  • Getting your LinkedIn strategy right
  • LinkedIn’s top tools
  • The 10-minute-a-day plan
  • Building your online brand
  • Five steps to starting a group on LinkedIn
  • Lead generation on LinkedIn

This guide is complementary and is available for download now.