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This video talks about some common pitfalls, what to avoid, and how to set yourself up for success when it comes to creating a really effective landing page.

Video Transcription

Hi. Today, we’re gonna talk about how to create a really effective landing page. Now, who watching this has ever built the most glorious landing page and you get yourself set up for tons of traffic and instead, you get crickets? We’re gonna talk about some common pitfalls, and what to avoid, and how you can set yourself up for success the next time you build a landing page.

Landing page pitfalls

One of the most common things we see on landing pages, the “How did I get here” effect. You wanna give a really clear connection to however a user got to the landing page, whether that’s pay-per-click, a social connection. You wanna acknowledge how the heck did I get here in the first place and then remove all distractions. It’s really easy and tempting to add in some navigation. “Hey! We could do this or you could do that.” Be disciplined. Pick one thing and go for that.

Key ingredients for an effective landing page

So key ingredients. You need to have, of course, a simple form where you’re going to capture information, you need to explain how the user got there, and you need to have something really compelling. That’s the secret sauce. Just keep it simple, keep it clear, and test.

Go A/B. Change simple factors one at a time. And even if you have, let’s say, five or ten crickets to begin with, start changing factors along those lines until you get to where you want to be.

Make sure mechanics behind your landing page are giving you the tools that you need to succeed. So whatever analytics or testing tools you have, make sure they’re connected in an automated way so that you can test, and adjust, and succeed, and get those huge traffic numbers to your landing page.

I could talk about this all day long, but if you’d like to learn more, I encourage you to check out our Visible Firm course on Thanks. Talk to you next time.