Infographic by Brian Lemen

Online marketing infographic image

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Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the golf course, you hear the news. A new study shows that professional services firms that use online marketing techniques to generate 40% or more of their leads grow 4X faster and are 2X more profitable. Well, now I’m listening.

This infographic tells a dramatic story — how firms are using online marketing techniques to change the professional services marketplace. Increasingly, how you use online marketing will affect how successful your firm can be. While face-to-face networking is still important, it is no longer the only — or even the best — path to new business success.

Learn which online marketing techniques are most effective and how multiple tools work together to deliver the strongest results. And find out where online marketing budgets are headed (UP!) and why your firm may want to move in that direction…  faster.

The world of professional services marketing is changing quickly. So stop driving golf balls and start driving new leads online.