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“How can we improve our website when it comes to attracting top talent?” It’s a common question we hear from our clients. In this video blog, Karl Feldman provides some actionable tips for you to follow to improve your website to attract top talent.



One question we get a ton of is, “How can we improve our website when it comes to attracting top talent?” With the labor market as tight as it is today, that’s a big challenge that your website can help you with. So let’s walk through a couple of places to start to up the performance of your website when it comes to attracting that talent that’s so hard to find.

Number one is an easy one to overlook, do your career pages have links to social media profiles? And do you bios have links to your experts’ personal profiles? That’s a key place that talent searches to validate a firm that they might want to join.

Your website helps tell the story, but social media and more topical information really helps to round out that information and show what it’s like to work at your firm. Professional photography, that might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s really important to show off not only how your experts look and the culture that you’re looking to provide, but also to share photography of your firm inside.

What does the work environment look like? Can we show some of the team in action and display some of the culture that you might be talking about when you’re looking to hire that top talent. What sets your firm apart? Another really good tip that’s kind of related if having the pictures, and showing the culture as one piece, can you provide samples of how your team actually thinks and what is the investment that your firm puts into its new hires in terms of though leadership material.

So expert guides, blog posts, even white papers that your experts write, they really show what kind of dedication your firm has to support its experts and that’s something that we know from our primary research is very important to talent searching for firms to join in a tight labor market. Lastly, and this is very similar to what you might do to attract new business itself, is make sure that you’re connecting the experts to their experience.

So what types of work would I get to do at firm? If you think of the questions that talent is asking when they’re looking at a lot of competing great firms, culture is one thing, how they’ll be invested in for their personal brand is another, but what kind of actual work are they going to get to do? Is it a type of environment where talent will get to join on to really fun projects from day one.

Are they going to have a mentoring experience there? Showcasing your projects and actual work experience is a way to help tell that story from the perspective of your employer brand. If you’d like to learn more about this, I encourage you to check out our visible expert course on Hinge University.

There is a lot of great information in there, and you can get into even more depth in what we’ve gone over today.

Karl Feldman