Last week I listened to Rick Fedrizzi, President and CEO of the US Green Building Council, speak on the topic of green building in the era of Obama. Green building encompasses all aspects of construction engineering — from site selection to waste disposal to energy modeling. Fedrizzi's insights were eye opening. Did you know that there are more green prisons in the US than there are green schools? As a nation, we are investing more in healthy buildings for law breakers than for our own children!

As a marketer of professional services, why should I care? For one, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) industries have been beaten up by the economic meltdown. Green construction offers new hope to the A/E/C industry. New green mandates in the public and private sectors are opening a new frontier for a depressed industry.

What do I recommend to our A/E/C clients? If you aren't in the green arena, you will be. It's just a matter of time. If you have time on your hands in a slower economy, this is a great time to invest in improving your green credentials (LEED certification is just one way to go).

I also suggest you review your marketing fundamentals. Are you differentiating your services? Do you understand what your clients and prospects really want and need? Do your clients know all the services you provide? Do you have a brand that helps business prospects find, see and remember your firm? Do you have a marketing plan that answers all of these questions and plots out a strategy to grow?

The answers to these and other questions will help your firm position itself to take advantage of the green gift that lies just around the corner.