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Think of your brand from your potential recruit’s point of view, what makes your firm special to work with? How does your brand relate to them? Learn how to attract top talent to deliver your services.

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Hi, I’m Karl Feldman, and today we’re gonna talk about a hot topic, Employer Branding For AEC. Now, this is a question I get a lot, and in our latest research, this is an audience that is getting just as close in importance as new prospects, new business.

So, when we talk about this, we’re talking about this in context with all the other audiences we’re branding for, like clients and prospects, partner opportunities like JV and subcontractors, influencers. But today we’re gonna focus on building your A-team.

The war for talent is really worth winning. If we’re doing a good job with everything else and we’re attracting the new business, we need the best teams to deliver our services. So that really is very logical why this is so important, right behind generating new business and leads.

We can think of this as sharing a lot of the same pieces as your overall brand, but it focuses down to the next level. Okay, so many of those elements are universal, but a more personal story has got to be told. So thinking of it from your potential recruit’s point of view, what makes your firm special to work with? How does that brand relate to them and why do they care on a day to day basis? Are there ways to tell the story from some of your star experts and employees of how great of a community you’ve created in the workplace?

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Also, don’t forget about generational consideration. You know, if we’re building up strength for the future, we’ve got to think about the new generations coming in, millennials, and think about what is important to them. In some cases, it’s a little bit different than older generations that might be aging out of your firm.

Also, think about different promotional channels. Some of the ones that apply for your prospects and leads, may or may not apply for the recruiting or they may be other platforms you need to look at. You know, GlassDoor, some other platforms that are more important, Facebook, for recruits that you’re gonna look for to get a feel of the personality and how it is to actually work at your firm. So, I hope that’s helpful, and I look forward to talking to you next time.

Karl Feldman