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This video focuses on how your brand communicates to partners and influencers in the AEC industry.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Karl Feldman and today we’re going to talk about AEC branding for partners and influencers. There’s lots of audiences we have to juggle in the AEC industry, everything from clients and prospects, for new business to partner opportunities like joint ventures and subcontractors and also influencers and potential employees. But today, we’re going to focus in on partners and influencers. So let’s think about partners for a second.

When I’m talking about partners looking at your branding, I’m talking about folks like other peer firms that may be JV partners or subcontractors who might want to work with you. And one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of elements of brand strength are universal, so the same things you would do for prospects, new business will still apply here but the message is going to be a little bit different. Subcontractors are extremely important so it’s important to paint a picture of how you are to work with as a prime. When it comes to joint venture opportunities, think about how you can be a good partner in that situation and tell that story. Think about the specific issues as a JV partner that you’d be looking to solve and make sure you’re addressing those with proof points.

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Now, moving on from partners and subcontractors, that world, let’s think about that other kind of nebulous group, the influencers. Now, this can apply to both subcontractors and partners but also for prospects and new business. Influencers could be a totally different audience so think of your elected officials, community leaders, folks like that. They can be very influential when it comes to a selection process, but they may be in a totally different space and reachable by totally different channels. So make sure you consider them and prioritize your efforts based on your business model. You might also have to think about different promotional channels to reach them. For example, Facebook might be a way to reach community folks that is not that important for your prospects and your business.

So I hope that helps kind of clarify some of the different audiences that we’re going after when we’re thinking about rebranding, and I look forward to talking to you next time and we’ll talk about some other audiences.

Karl Feldman