All businesses, agencies, and brands have to market themselves. It’s how they increase their brand awareness and gain customers.

Marketing has been around for many years and it will be around for many years to come; but it is always changing.

New platforms, methods, and tactics are introduced all the time. So let’s look at a few that simply aren’t leveraged as much as they should be!

Read on for my list of seven underutilized digital marketing tactics that can help set your business apart.

1.   Chatbots

Chatbot marketing is the biggest growth opportunity for businesses in the next few years, which is why it’s so surprising that more businesses aren’t currently taking advantage of it.

People want businesses to use chatbots. They prefer messaging to any other form of communication, and 53% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that they can message.

Clearly, chatbots are the future. They save businesses time and money. In fact, chatbots are expected to save businesses $8 billion by the year 2022.

These are statistics that just can’t be beat, and with the number of features chatbots offer, it’s a shock that more businesses aren’t leveraging them.

For example, chatbots automate a number of daily tasks that eat up massive chunks of time in a work week. They can act as customer service chatbots, ecommerce chatbots, and more.

Chatbots can suggest products to customers.

They can answer frequently asked questions so that live operators don’t have to.

And best of all, they’re available 24/7 so you can be collecting leads and making sales in your sleep.

2.   Video

Video is a digital marketing tactic that isn’t used to its full potential by many businesses.

Great for tutorials, demos, client testimonials, firm overviews and more, video increases engagement, boosts conversions, and increases revenue.

In addition, watching video is a more accessible way for many people to learn new tools, features, and skills. It is also often more accessible for people with certain disabilities.

Be sure to optimize your video content for accessibility by including video transcription, subtitling, and captioning.

3.   Influencers

They’re all over social media—on Instagram, showing you their favorite products; on YouTube, delivering makeup tutorials; on Pinterest, showing off their home decorating prowess.

They’re social media influencers!

Social media influencers make their living by partnering with brands and advertising products in their daily social media posts.

And usually, influencers have a massive social media following.

So, using influencers to advertise your brand, business or products is a great way to expand your reach and gain more customers.

The best part? There are a number of tools to find and reach out to influencers. These tools can automate the process so that it’s easier to match your business to potential opportunities.

Be sure not to rely too much on these tools, however; it’s likely that your fans, followers, and clients will know of influencers who would be perfect for the job. Reach out to your clients and listen to them; they might have some great ideas!

4.   SEO

We’ve all heard the term before: search engine optimization. It can sound kind of daunting, right?

But it’s actually a great tactic to propel your digital marketing.

Optimizing your LinkedIn or Facebook page, website, and all of your content for SEO purposes helps drive more traffic to your site. But SEO isn’t only about keywords, reputable backlinks and compelling content.

It’s important to optimize your site for mobile. It’s also important to keep in mind how people are searching, because they’re searching in more ways, from more places, and on more platforms than ever before.

5.   Remarketing

What better way to obtain customers than getting old customers back?

This is the general idea of remarketing — reaching out to people that have expressed interest in your brand.  It is especially effective at recapturing the attention of people who never followed through on their initial interest.

Remarketing works by tracking site visitors through cookies and displaying your ads to them on different sites.

For example, if a Facebook user clicked your ad on their Facebook Newsfeed, you can use a cookie to advertise to them again on Instagram (or another platform they visit that supports remarketing).

One way to use remarketing as a digital marketing tactic is to use a Facebook sponsored message. Facebook has a policy prohibiting businesses from sending promotional messages to users more than 24 hours after the user’s last contact with the businesses. You can, however, pay to send one message to the user: this is called a sponsored message. Sponsored messages are a great way to re-engage users through Facebook Messenger using chatbots.

Remarketing is a great digital marketing tactic that helps you increase brand awareness and conversions while increasing engagement with your prospects.

6.   Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the most popular messaging app in the world.

In fact, 1.3 billion people use the messaging platform every month.

That’s why every business should consider using this digital marketing tactic.

There are a number of ways to use Facebook Messenger to boost your ROI while increasing brand awareness, including using Facebook Messenger automation and chatbots, Facebook sponsored messages, and click-to-Messenger ads.

All of these options use Messenger in place of a webpage, resulting in a 100% conversion rate because you will be able to add every user that interacts with your business on Messenger to your contact list.

This makes it easier for you to utilize other digital marketing tactics like remarketing, as you’ll always have conversation history and user information.

And the best part about Facebook Messenger is that it’s optimized for mobile by design, cutting customer churn by eliminating clunky web pages that convert terribly on mobile.

7.   Augmented and Virtual Reality

Have you ever tried out one of those ecommerce site that allows you to see how a product would look in real life? Perhaps you’ve tried on a pair of glasses or placed a chair in your living room, all through the internet.

This is the power of augmented or virtual reality marketing.

While augmented and virtual reality is still a relatively novel concept, it can be an incredibly useful marketing tactic.

Think about it: so much of commerce is done online these days that ecommerce has become its own industry.

Around 51% of people prefer shopping online, but there are still a lot of categories in which in-store shopping is preferred, such as clothing shopping.

And it’s obvious why; you can’t try on things that you buy online!

That’s where augmented and virtual reality come in. When the consumer can actually see how they look in the product, the buying process can be easier and safer.

Time to Utilize These Digital Marketing Tactics!

Now that we’ve covered 7 different digital marketing tactics to help boost your marketing effectiveness, it’s time to get to using them.

Most of these tactics can be used together to optimize your results even further.

Happy marketing!

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