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Resuscitating healthcare delivery

Find out how Hinge’s Visible Firm® program equipped this regional healthcare consulting firm to break out and reach a national audience.

Which way to Healthytown?

Healthcare planning and delivery has reached an unhealthy state for many executives trying to keep pace with market shifts. New regulations and requirements. Ever-shifting budget priorities. Hard-to-control project costs. Shifts from fee-for-service to value-based pricing. Clinician burnout. Never-ending reimbursement and payment system changes. It’s enough to give some healthcare and hospital system executives heartburn.

Enter Ascendient. To be sure, the marketplace is crowded with consulting firms that purport to help health and hospital system executives ease the pain. But Ascendient prescribes a different approach, from strategy and mergers & acquisitions to medical staff & provider planning and financial feasibility.

It created the Healthytown™ predictive modeling service that provides healthcare leaders with future-focused research and analysis to transform the way healthcare is delivered.

“Ascendient had built a strong reputation for our expertise, problem solving and flexibility on projects. We had no such reputation on our key services such as Healthytown. Hinge helped us change that.”

Daniel Carter, Principal, Ascendient

A burn that needed immediate attention

Although Ascendient was — and still is — revered for its deep industry experience, the firm was relatively unknown outside of its regional market. The real burn was that with Healthytown, Ascendient was predicting and monitoring movements and shifts in the industry before any other firm had even diagnosed them. And no one knew about them!

Ascendient needed a partner that could not only build visibility for the firm, but also make Healthytown a more popular destination for a national audience.

Healthytown Reports
Healthytown Reports

Starting with a thorough check-up

Hinge interviewed Ascendient’s clients to examine three key factors: 1) what really keeps them up at night; 2) how they address their main challenges, decision-making and buying behavior; and 3) how competitor brands compare to Ascendient’s. Using these insights, Hinge built an entirely new marketing system and market positioning.

Hinge recommended new techniques and tools, then went to work making the Ascendient website the heart of its marketing system and drive more prospect engagement, sales opportunities, and revenue. We revived dormant white papers, and we developed a new campaign to drive website visitors to Healthytown. We even trained their team to take over from Hinge at the engagement’s end.

And that just scratches the surface. For a complete picture of how we helped Ascendient, see the What we did section below.

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Adding more muscle and strength to the firm’s visibility

While Ascendient had a depth of industry experience and expertise, their outreach program had not been producing the number of speaking engagements that Ascendient wanted. Hinge rebuilt the website’s leadership bio pages to include links to speaking topics and video clips and added functionality to “Book [name] Today.”

Today, visitors can review presentation topics, meet the team, book a speaker and watch a video of an Ascendient speaker in action — all from the website.

A great prognosis for the future

Before Hinge, Ascendient’s marketing needed urgent treatment. Their team had little time and few resources to devote to business development. Too many activities needed to be done at the same time. Ascendient’s marketing team couldn’t catch their breath.

Hinge gave the Ascendient team a needed shot of adrenaline — compelling them to rethink and prioritize many of their marketing activities. Hinge not only executed many branding and marketing tasks, it taught the Ascendient team to deliver a modern marketing program. All of this led Ascendient to communicate more clearly with clients and prospects through the website, social media and presentations.

Hinge’s Visible Firm® program has begun to strengthen Ascendient’s visibility, client engagement and marketing capabilities — and more prospective clients across the country are now making their way to Healthytown.

Daniel Carter talks about the benefits of working with Hinge. 

What we did

Visible Firm Strategy

  • Benchmarking
  • Client Research
  • Differentiator Identification
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Positioning

Visible Firm Tools

  • Downloadable Content Templates
  • Email Nurture Campaigns
  • Email Templates
  • High Performance Framework Website
  • Expert Speaking Kits & Speaking Pages
  • Video Blog Template

Visible Firm Implementation

  • Blog Writing
  • Case Study Writing
  • Monthly Strategy/Coaching Sessions
  • Video Blog Production
  • White Paper Writing

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