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Reimagining a product design company

ITE was a product design and development company whose work was exceptional but whose brand had seen better days. Hinge helped them see new opportunities in the marketplace and institute broad changes that would transform their brand—setting them apart from a sea of similar-seeming competitors.


This Ohio-based product design team embarked on a voyage that would change their name and revolutionize the way they market their firm.


At first, ITE thought they needed a new website to raise their marketing game. Little did this Ohio-based product design and development firm know that they were embarking on a voyage that would change their name and revolutionize the way they market their firm. Hinge approached the engagement the way we often do: by researching their target audience. What the findings revealed, however, was that the firm’s challenges—from the way the market perceived ITE to their low visibility—weren’t going to be solved with a website alone. They needed to reinvent their brand and rebuild their marketing program.

Bold new name

One thing we learned was that the ITE name wasn’t doing the firm any favors. The generic-sounding acronym was not only indistinctive and easy to transpose, clients didn’t think much of it, either. If the firm had ambitions to grow and reach a broader market, it needed a name to build a brand around. Hinge took the firm through a comprehensive naming process. The final selected name, Prodigy, not only shares its initial four letters with “product,” the word means “an amazing or unusual thing.” Prodigy is a fitting moniker for an organization that is committed to leading its clients to extraordinary success through the products they bring to market.

Sea change

The research also revealed that one of the firm’s biggest strengths was the way they collaborate deeply with clients, a process that allowed them to bring products to fruition faster and more efficiently. We repositioned Prodigy as the product development company that delivers innovation at speed. And with one of the best client experiences in the industry and a history of creating billions of dollars in revenue for their clients, they create the products that give their customers a competitive advantage. We captured this spirit in an inspiring new tagline: Bold ideas. Brought to life.

A whale of a logo

Next we created a new logo for the brand, one designed to distinguish them visually and conceptually from any other firm in the industry. The new logo mark is a stylized orca whale, a highly intelligent, fast and very social mammal—the perfect symbol of Prodigy’s team, culture and positioning. Unexpected and whimsical, the logo perfectly captures the firm’s personality and creativity and positions them as bold, confident and unafraid to take on new challenges. We documented their new logo and other brand elements in a set of brand style guidelines.

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New website for a new world

It was now time to tackle the project they wanted from the very beginning. But the website had to address the needs of the modern buyer who increasingly searches online for product design services. Prodigy’s new website features a clean, modern design, streamlined navigation and a suite of high-performance features to help them reach new audiences and attract new customers. A new Insights section houses their thought leadership content and provides convenient controls to help visitors find just what they are looking for.

A fresh way of marketing

When the firm first came to Hinge, they knew their existing marketing approach wasn’t going to help them achieve their ambitions. So we floated an idea: You are a firm of experts; why not build your marketing upon the things you already know. They saw right away that an expertise-based marketing program had a lot of potential. So we have begun the process of positioning them as thought leaders and constructing a new marketing strategy to drive more visibility.

What we did

Visible Firm Program

  • Brand Research
  • Differentiators & Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Writing/Content Development
  • Social Media Training
  • Marketing Implementation Support
  • Event Promotion
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Ongoing Mentoring, Training & Consultation

High-Performance Website

  • Design
  • Automated Lead-Generation Strategy
  • Offer Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Development
  • Writing
  • Ongoing Performance Reporting


  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Tagline
  • Brand Launch Strategy & Support
  • Brand Style Guidelines

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