Crux Solutions

Technology / AEC CASE STORY

How a technology firm achieved a new level of growth

When they approached Hinge, Crux Solutions was a boutique network infrastructure, audio visual and security technology design firm with 11 full-time employees and clients in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. They wanted to raise their profile and grow but didn’t know how. Hinge helped them sharpen their positioning, deploy a modern, content-based marketing program and launch a powerful, lead-generating website.

“Hinge helped us tell a more compelling story and get in front of people who never would have known us before. It's like we’ve put our marketing into a higher gear—and it’s paying off in a big way.”

Gale Moericke

President, Crux Solutions

Room to grow

Crux was generating new business the old-fashioned way: face-to-face networking and word of mouth referrals. They had tried hiring outside firms before to write content for them, but the results were “dreadful failures”—showing little understanding of their industry and its terminology. Crux knew few details about their competitors or how to talk about themselves in a differentiated way. But they did know one thing: they had room for improvement. And they were determined to do something about it.

Playing the long game

To rebuild their marketing program from scratch, Crux knew that they needed a steady, ongoing partner—one that could guide them through the strategy and provide hands-on support when they needed it. Hinge not only offered the full range of services they would need, it had deep experience in their industry and a unique research-based approach. Crux wanted data to drive their marketing strategy from now on. And they adjusted their marketing budget to support a long-term strategy.

Crux wanted data to drive their marketing strategy and adjusted their marketing budget to support a long-term strategy.

Great visibility begins with great insight

Hinge’s Visible Firm® Program was a natural fit for the Crux team. They wanted to expand outside their regional territory and reach a national audience, but first they needed to learn about their buyers and competitors. Hinge began the engagement by interviewing Crux’s clients. This research uncovered a range of important findings, including who they were competing against, how prospects found and selected them, and where the firm’s perceived strengths and weaknesses lay. These insights informed every recommendation we made.

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A marketing strategy for visibility

Crux understood that doing what they’d always done wasn’t going to deliver the growth they wanted. Using the research as a foundation—supplemented with insights from Hinge’s ongoing studies of high-growth firms—we developed a multi-faceted strategy to increase their visibility and expand their reach. We developed a set of key issues they would “own”—giving their content a clear, strategic focus. We also developed a more aggressive, SEO-driven blogging, guest writing and speaking calendar. And we designed a powerful, content-based lead-generation platform, including writing and designing an executive guide and case studies. Our team of tech-savvy writers has also ghost-written almost a dozen blog posts, with more to come.

High-performance website

The engine of Crux’s new Visible Firm program is a new High-Performance Website. Built with lead generation in mind, their new website provides a bevy of features that make attracting new visitors and converting them into leads easy.

A powerful collaboration

Hinge’s Visible Firm Program is not a one-size fits all solution. We recommend techniques that are most appropriate for each client and their goals. As part of our strategy to help Crux reach a national audience, we partnered with them on a series of webinars designed to put their expertise in front of a qualified audience who has never heard of Crux.

When tragedy strikes

After the horrific Uvalde school shooting in May 2022, Crux is playing a critical role in rebuilding the school, creating an environment where students and teachers can feel safe again. Drawing on their expertise in technology and on-site security, they drew up a plan to make the new facility far more secure without compromising the student experience. Today, Crux is taking the lead in addressing school safety—and their new heightened visibility gives them a more prominent platform to deliver this important message.

What we did

Visible Firm Program

  • Brand Research
  • Differentiators & Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Writing/Content Development
  • Executive Guide Production
  • Webinar Promotion and Email Advisory
  • Social Media Training
  • Guest Blogging and Speaking Outreach & Negotiation
  • Marketing Implementation Support
  • Joint Webinar Presentation Series
  • Expert Bios
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Ongoing Mentoring, Training & Consultation

High-Performance Website

  • Design
  • Automated Lead-Generation Strategy
  • Offer Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Development
  • Custom Video Development
  • Custom Photography
  • Writing
  • Ongoing Performance Reporting

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