Visible Value: How Firms Benefit from Visible Experts

Learn how hiring or cultivating an in-house Visible Expert impacts professional services providers.

Our previous research has shown that professional services buyers identify many advantages to engaging high-visibility experts. But what benefits do these Visible Experts℠ bring to their own firms?

We surveyed 1,028 professional services purchasers and 130 Visible Experts℠ to find out. Now the results are available in our new research report, “Visible Value: How Firms Benefit from Visible Experts℠.”

In this report, we explore the surprising range of benefits that experts of every level bring to an organization, including:

  • Impact on billing rates
  • Brand building and firm visibility
  • Firm growth and business development
  • Lead generation benefits
  • The ability to close sales
  • Increased professional partnerships

Plus, we take a look at the demand for different levels of high-visibility expertise in the professional services marketplace.

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