Finding Experts: Why and How Clients Seek Visible Experts

Learn what motivates purchasers to seek out high visibility expertise and how they go about finding it.

Our previous research detailed in Inside the Buyer’s Brain revealed the importance of expertise to professional services purchasers. This finding raised the question: Why and how are prospective clients seeking out Visible Experts?

In a new research study on over 1,000 professional services purchasers, we sought to answer this question. We’ve detailed the results in a new research report, “Finding Experts: Why and How Clients Seek Visible Experts.”

What’s Inside: 

  • Why clients seek out Visible Experts
  • How clients find Visible Experts
  • What convinces clients you’re a Visible Expert
  • How clients benefit from working with Visible Experts

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why professional services buyers seek out Visible Experts
  • The most popular techniques that purchasers use to find Visible Experts
  • How buyers are convinced of expertise
  • The benefits of working with a Visible Expert

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