How to Become a Visible Expert: A Case Study with Mark Amtower

If you know anything about government contracting, you probably know Mark Amtower. Mark is a government marketing consultant and host of the Amtower Off-Center radio show. He is a perfect example of what we call a Visible Expert℠, a professional who has achieved industry-wide recognition for exceptional expertise.

How do you cultivate a reputation as a Visible Expert? In this webinar, Mark and Lee will discuss how to establish, share, and make the most of high-profile expertise.

We’ll discuss Mark’s story and explore some of the newest research on high-profile expertise in the professional services marketplace, including:

  • How Mark attained his Visible Expert status and the role expertise plays in marketing services to the government
  • Mark’s tips and shortcuts for gaining visibility in the marketplace
  • Purchasers’ need for high-visibility expertise
  • New research on how purchasers find Visible Experts and are convinced of expertise

Click here to download the slides (1.8MB, PDF)