Study Reveals Four Keys to Defying Marketplace Uncertainty, the Talent Shortage, and the Slowing Economy

How some B2B firms pulled off dramatic top and bottom line growth in 2022

Reston, VA, Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Despite marketplace uncertainty, spiraling inflation, and the war in Europe, 2022’s high growth firms grew at a median rate of 32% while maintaining a profit of 25%. Their average peers grew at a median rate of 10% and showed a profit of less than 10%, according to the Hinge Research Institute’s High Growth Study 2023. This annual study dives into the factors behind the firms’ spectacular growth and profit rates across six industry segments: architecture/engineering/construction, accounting and financial services, consulting, technology and software, government contracting, and legal… (Read the full press release here).

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