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High Growth Study 2023: Executive Summary

The 8th edition of the Hinge Research Institute’s High Growth Study explores how the fastest growing professional services firms have achieved consistent growth and prosperity.

There’s no escaping the challenges of today’s business environment. From an uncertain global economy to rapidly changing workplace expectations, many professional services leaders are asking, “Is it possible to accelerate growth in today’s environment?”

In the 2023 edition of the High Growth Study, we answer that question with a resounding yes! Even in the face of multiple challenges over the past few years, some professional services firms have achieved advantages in four key areas—and are growing 3X faster than their competitors.

In this FREE 40-page executive summary, learn how the professional services marketplace is changing and what High Growth firms do to generate exceptional revenue and profit.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What’s changed in professional services marketing and business development
  • How High Growth firms use outside resources to gain a competitive advantage
  • High Growth firms’ top 5 marketing priorities for 2023
  • How High Growth marketing teams drive business growth

About the Sample:

  • Over 700 firms from across the globe
  • Over $170 billion in combined revenue
  • Over 600,000 employees
  • 6 core industry groups represented

What’s included in the free Executive Summary?

  • 40 pages of new data on High Growth firms
  • Detailed expert analysis breaking down each piece of data
  • Specific advice to help you put the data into practice
  • How you get access to an in-depth breakout report on your industry

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