Lee Frederiksen Interviewed by BL Magazine

Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner at Hinge, was interviewed by Dr. Liz Alexander for BL Magazine’s Issue for July/August 2016. On pages 46-48, Lee discusses “What Makes an Expert an Expert“. Lee’s book, The Visible Expert, is referenced when discussing the ‘science’ behind what makes a visible expert.

The interview addresses Hinge’s most recent study on what makes Industry Rock Stars, Superstars, and Resident Experts. Lee explains that ‘Stars’ are so successful because of their ability to narrowly focus on a specific area of expertise. This technique allows individuals to become experts in their fields, particularly those who can simplify these topics for newcomers. When asked about Hinge’s research, Lee said, “When we looked deeper at the research, we saw these weren’t referrals from previous clients or people known to the experts, but from individuals in the marketplace who’d heard of their reputation.” He then specified that, “This level of visibility and credibility shows the value of spending time in business development and marketing.”

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