“As if marketing an accounting firm wasn’t challenging enough, throw in COVID-19 along with political, social and economic upheaval, and you’ve got a challenge for the ages. The word “unprecedented” fails to capture the gravity and difficulty of the times.

The Hinge Research Institute has just released the Employer Branding Study, which provides rare and unexpected insights into: (1) the top considerations in employment decisions; (2) how those considerations change as job seekers transition from one career stage to the next; and (3) how responses to disruption impact employer brands. There is no question that the confluence of COVID-19 and other disruptors have, to varying degrees, shaped the views of the survey’s 1,034 respondents. For this very reason, the study offers firms a vital tool for attracting, hiring, and retaining high-quality employees that will enable them to succeed in the new normal and prepare for what’s next.”

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