What’s more powerful than a Visible Expert?
A team of Visible Experts.

At last, there’s a practical way to turn your best front-line professionals into high-visibility thought leaders.

We’ve taken our revolutionary Visible Expert program and customized it to fit the needs of mid-size and large professional services firms. Built to scale, it can accommodate a single group of budding experts or many dozens.

The result?

Your firm’s reputation will begin a steady ascent, leads will come more easily and you’ll command higher fees.

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What Can You Expect?

Participants will see results quickly as they replace inefficient business development techniques with activities proven to increase your firm’s reach and revenue potential. By the end of the program, your firm should experience far more leads, web traffic, speaking opportunities, followers, published articles and revenues.

Powered by Hinge’s Growth Algorithm™

At the heart of our Branding Program is Hinge’s proprietary Growth Algorithm™. This groundbreaking knowledge engine analyzes each program participant’s profile of talents and existing skills and compares it to data collected from our ongoing study of over 18,000 firms and buyers of professional services. The algorithm then recommends a customized visibility program for each expert that reflects their unique skill set and the level of effort they are able to devote to business development.

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How it works

Each participant is guided through a structured, 12-month process, mentored by a Hinge coach. Teams of participants meet regularly to work through the curriculum, problem solve and keep each other accountable. Each expert should begin seeing tangible results within the first few weeks.


Months 1-3 — Research & Strategy



Participants use a detailed benchmarking instrument to determine their strengths and weaknesses

Target Audience Research

The experts identify and research their target audiences and influencers



They determine how they will compete and become more visible, including a detailed plan to achieve their goals.


Months 4-6 — Skills & Tool Building

Skills Development

Using Hinge University and other tools, participants focus on improving their skills and building their visibility

Tools Creation

We teach you everything you need to know to make the program a success


Months 7-12 — Pulling it All Together

Continual Improvement

Participants continue to polish their skills and build engagement in the marketplace

Feedback & Support

Hinge coaches and team members provide the feedback and encouragement participants need to make the most of the program

How Much Time Will This Take?

The program is designed to be flexible, and participants can commit at a variety of levels. Naturally, the more time an expert can devote to the program each week, the faster he or she will see results. The Growth Algorithm adjusts participants’ plans to account for the time they are able to spend on business development. Participants who commit as little as four hours per week can expect to make good progress. Best of all, the program is designed to replace existing business development activity with a new approach that produces superior engagement, reach and outcomes.

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