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Why You Need to Fix Your Website. And How to Get It Right.

Join Hinge partner Karl Feldman and Account Director Kelly Moore as they explain how professional services firms can build a website that actually grows their business—even in today’s challenging business environment.

Do you suspect your website could be more effective—but you don’t know how or why? How do you make it more than a digital brochure of your services and turn it into a powerful business development and inbound marketing machine?

Join Hinge partner Karl Feldman and account director Kelly Moore as they explain what it takes to build a professional services website that generates a steady flow of high-quality leads for your business and how to avoid all too common mistakes. They’ll introduce the High-Performance Website, a proven approach to website design that delivers bottom-line results, and describe several common website design mistakes. Hinge has built high-performance websites like this for many of our clients. And now we’re going to teach you how it’s done.

What You Will Learn:

  • The most common professional services website mistakes to avoid
  • How your website can generate more traffic and leads
  • What is unique about a high-performance professional services website
  • Examples of small website adjustments that yield big results
  • A proven roadmap for website redesign success

Presenters: Karl Feldman and Kelly Moore
Cost: FREE


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