Why a Confident Brand is Your Pathway to Business Growth

It’s official: confidence matters. In a far-reaching study on relationships between AEC buyers and sellers, Hinge found a pattern of weak, uncertain communication — as well as some key characteristics that consistently distinguish industry leaders from also-rans. Again and again, the most successful firms carried distinctive brands into the marketplace with boldness and clarity.

How can AEC firms leverage assertive, thoughtfully differentiated brands to get more referrals, attract more leads, and grow more quickly?

In this webinar, Hinge’s Sylvia Montgomery joins AEC Business exploring the answers. We cover:

  • The benefits of a confident brand
  • Original research on the AEC marketplace
  • How to identify powerful differentiators
  • Groundbreaking strategies for brand building
  • How to generate more referrals

Click Here to Download the Slides» (62.8 MB, PDF)