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Website Design for Performance: A Playbook

Join Hinge partners Liz Harr and Karl Feldman as they explain how to build a professional services website that actually builds your business.

Do you suspect your website could be a lot more effective—but you don’t know how or why? Do you wish your firm’s website would generate more qualified leads?

Join Hinge partners Karl Feldman and Liz Harr as they discuss what is unique about high performing professional services websites. Along with an in-depth conversation about the latest trends and strategies, they’ll introduce the High-Performance Website, a proven approach to designing and building a professional services website that will attract thousands of new visitors to your site each month and deliver a steady flow of qualified leads, day and night. 

Hinge has built high-performance websites like this for many of our clients. And now we’re going to teach you how it’s done.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is unique about a high-performance professional services website?
  • 5 strategies to deliver more engaging, memorable design
  • 6 trends in professional services websites
  • A powerful, fail-safe system to attract new visitors and turn the qualified ones into leads
  • A proven roadmap for website redesign success

Presenters: Liz Harr & Karl Feldman
Cost: FREE


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