Visible Expert℠ Roundtable Discussion

How do Visible Experts℠ build their reputations in the AEC, technology, accounting and finance, and management consulting industries? The answers depend on your area of specialty.

In this webinar, Hinge’s Lee Frederiksen, Sylvia Montgomery, and Elizabeth Harr will lead a roundtable discussion on how leading experts generate visibility in each industry – and the specific challenges on the road ahead for firms in these markets.

The Hinge team will unpack new, industry-specific research. Plus, we’ll open up the table to in-depth questions and discussion from the audience.

Topics covered include:

  • The industry-specific ways that high-visibility experts impact their firms and clients
  • Why and how buyers seek out experts in each area
  • Marketing tools and techniques used by Visible Experts in each industry to build their reputations

Click here to download the slides (70.1MB, PDF)