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The Digital Transformation Imperative: A Research Report for Professional Services Firms

Firms that invest in modern digital tools, platforms and processes are usually more efficient, grow faster, and are more profitable than before. Discover the strategies that drive successful digital transformation.

Digital transformation in the professional services sector is well underway—and many firms are already realizing the tremendous improvements to key business performance indicators. From operational efficiency to client satisfaction, the vast majority of digital transformation projects are proving to be highly beneficial. 

However, not all digital transformations are created equal! And certain strategies can improve the likelihood of success. 

In the Hinge Research Institute’s latest research report, “The Digital Transformation Imperative: A Research Report for Professional Services Firms”, we explore how deeply digital transformation has penetrated key professional services industries, why it is so important, and how firms like yours might adjust their approach.  Your management team will acquire the data and confidence to make today’s critical digital transformation decisions.

What You’ll Learn

  • How key professional services industries compare in their pursuit of digital transformation and digital maturity
  • The benefits of digital transformation
  • Strategies that drive successful digital transformation
  • Why investing in digital transformation now could give you a powerful competitive advantage—and why waiting could hurt your performance

About the Sample

  • 136 professional services firms participated
  • 6 core industry groups represented
  • All study participants are business executives with a decision-maker role

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